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Amazon's delivery networks are being investigated for being responsible for the deaths of pedestrians and for being a threat to public safety.

Amazon expanded its network of delivery drivers and now are going to fire 3 major firms in the network because of truck accidents that are costing people their lives. The Amazon delivery firms that will be shut down are in Atlanta, Chicago and San Diego.

More than 2,000 people across 8 states will be fired.

In December 2016 a van hit and killed an 84 year old Chicago grandmother. The driver was charged with reckless homicide and then later acquitted.

June 2018 a 21 year old Sheard and Loman driver was killed when he lost control of his vehicle in traffic and crashed into a tractor trailer.

Right After that, a 61 year old legal secretary named Stacey Curry was run over by a contracted Amazon delivery truck. The truck driver pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter.

Amazon is putting the publics life in danger over mail. Maybe they should install that snapshot app thing in their drivers phones?

Or better yet vet them better before putting them on road? Whatever happens I hope Amazon does a better job of handling potentially fatal risks in the future.


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