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Back With That Pressure !!

Back with another update!! That Pressure Fest is officially here!! Tomorrow is The Day so I hope you guys are ready!! Did yall get yall tickets yet?? TICKETS are still on sale $30 on Ticket Master & $35 at the door.

Well now that that's out the way, I'm back to let you guys know about more of the Epic Artists who will be in the building @ 'Madison Live'... (Directions)

Last week I told you all who will be performing Downstairs... But now I present to you 'UPSTAIRS' We Have Siri Imani, POC, Devin Burgess, Papa Gora, Joe Eid, Khari BTB, Deuces II, Dayo Gold, Jaybee Lahmahj, The Phonk, 333 YNO, Jacene, Tiana Dean, Neno2x.

Make sure you follow these Talents to stay in the loop and get your Networking on!!


Before I wrap things up here I would like to Shout Out The Headlined Performer: SEEZYN

The Dj's who will be Hosting: DJ J. Dough, The Machine, DJ Major Leegue, & DJ Hope

And Once Again The Promotors Behind This Amazing Event: YNO, PRO, & Donuts N' Akahol

Like I Said Before This Is A Event You Do Not Want To Miss... Tap In, Tap In, Tap In!! And Stay tuned for my next blog post. I will be giving a Recap of 'That Pressure Fest' I Hope To See You There!!

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