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Billionaires in $pace

Just this morning, billionaire, Jeff Bezos of Amazon and flight crew traveled aboard a rocket to about 330,000 feet above the Earth, topping fellow billionaire, Richard Branson's spaceship flight earlier this month. Branson's ship, The Virgin Galactic, reached an altitude of about 282,000 feet. Both men have bragging rights now, doing what few people have the chance to achieve - but why? It seems that these wealthy celebrities are just bored. Maybe they've bought everything they ever wanted, been everywhere, and have seen everything our planet can offer. Perhaps they are no longer entertained by earthly pleasures. Neither men have the expertise to operate a rocket or spaceship, but when money is involved, there are no obstacles.

We all think about what we would do if we won the lottery - but what if the amount of money was so large, you, your children, grandchildren, and generations to come would be well-off. What would you do with that money? Journey to space?

Written by: Elaine Weatherby

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