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Cincinnati Reds Opening Day

Are you looking forward to the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day?

Well, 'keep calm' and cheer Reds! Just as Juliana Hatfield stated "baseball is more than a game. It's like life played out on a field". This year you have the opportunity to watch it live if you are unable to make it in person. In other words you cannot miss out on the Reds Opening Day!

This is such an exciting opportunity. How will you and your loved ones be watching the live game? In person, from home on the couch, a barbeque, tailgating, at the bar, make sure to drop a comment and share your experiences with Cincy Underground. We look forward to hearing from you all. Also, check out WLWT Chanel 5 for more highlights and a list full of festivities.

The Cincinnati Reds will be playing against the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday, April 1st beginning at 4:10p, E.T. at the Great American Ball Park.

Image: Planalp, Brian. "Everything You Need to Know About Opening Day 2021 in Cincinnati". Fox 19. March 30, 2021

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