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Even if you’re not appreciated don’t stop being the best!

Its hard sometimes when you feel like you give your all to people or situations and it goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Generally, everyone wants to feel appreciated, and this is a proven fact and sometimes if you don’t get that response in the things that you put work into it can make you wonder “What’s the point!” and cause you to isolate yourself and cut people off which then brings loneliness and the list goes on! We live in a time were people really need to humble themselves, but I just don’t see that coming to past anytime soon, but what I’m here to tell you is keeping pushing on and keeping being the best version of yourself at all times. You may think things are unseen but baby someone is watching. Never let someone who can’t do the things you do on daily or that make you feel like your work, sacrifices, and victories aren’t enough because you are more than enough. The horrible feeling of unappreciation can cause a state of depression like none other and that is why it is imperative for you to be your best self and continue to do things from the kindness of your heart. According to this article on: / To protect your mental health you shouldn’t do thing out of recognition, you should do things because it makes you happy! We have the will to decide what we allow in our lives if you choose to look over unappreciative people and decide that whatever you do is truly what you want to do that feeling of unappreciation will fade and blessing will surely come!

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