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Evol Radio 9-10-20

Playing the most dirty, heavy danceable underground electronica, rock, metal, and industrial..As Always I've decided to not only move the show from 2 hours, to three, but have also been livestreaming, which is an interesting experience from a technical perspective. I am also making sure to include a weekly music feature and an interview, which was Sapphira Vee this week, who is a solo artist, and who also does collaborations. We discussed the usual topics, but also got into her personal life a little bit, which is a nice surprise, and i think it helps the listener to connect more with the artists. Tis month is Suicide Awareness month, so I've been covering that pretty heavy. I had a few technical difficulties, like when the SAM Broadcaster froze once or twice, but i still powered through and had a really good show. I am proud of the way things are going, and how the show is gaining more notoriety and popularity as we do more episodes. I'm also surprised that now I'm being solicited by musicians to conduct interviews with them, instead of soliciting them... Anyway, thanks for keeping it evol.

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1 commentaire

18 sept. 2020

Heard you jamming out at the school today good job

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