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Excuse me...that's "Nacho" drink!

What's the wildest Dorito thing you've had?

Many have tried Dorito tacos, Dorito fried chicken but have youever thought to have a SHOT of Dorito?!?!

PepsiCo has stepped out the box and created a new vacuum distilled spirit. Nacho Cheese Dorito lovers, your prayers have been answered. Recently released their spirit,Dec 13 and is available for $65! Many had been asking for years ,why not a Dorito infused beverage? Emperical had the answer. With Emperical being an "uncategorized " spirits company, they have the wiggle room to play with new and interesting flavors.

That's right. Have a shot that tastes like your favorite chips. What's interesting is this spirit is not fall in the traditional catagory of gin and vodka but will definitely put you in the mind frame of vodka.

Who says that Doritos are just for snacking? Now, it can be a part of your wind down.

DJ Snacks

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