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Festival of Light & Art-- I'm in. Are you?

Hello! This is Shalom, bringing to you the hottest event of the weekend: BLINK festival of light and art. This event is taking place October 13th-16th, 2022. You wanna know: THIS is the nation's largest lights and arts festival. All advertising I've come across during my research process says this event is illuminated by ArtsWave, with a mission of funding art and fueling communities.

According to

"BLINK® will span from Findlay Market in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood through downtown Cincinnati and into Covington, Kentucky – bridging two states, and spanning 30 city blocks and the Ohio River. The only U.S. event of its kind, BLINK® will feature 39 large-scale projection mappings, 16 new murals by national and international artists, interactive light sculptures and diverse entertainment."

So what do you need to know to prepare for this? How about we start with the LIVE entertainment, ya know, since Cincy Underground brings the LIVE, LOCAL, and LIT news.

Click that link for the complete lineup, including artists and locations. Sneak peak, locations in Cincinnati do include: Fountain Square, Washington Park, Zieglar Park, Court Street, The Banks, and Hanna Park.

Up next: parking. Yes, the garages are open (with event prices) and street parking is (let's be honest, kind've) an option. I'll be straightforward with you-- Plan for traffic. Previously this experiential event brought in 1.3 million spectators. Yes, according to the official BLINK website, 1.3 MILLION individuals found this event worthy of investing their time, energy, and resources into. Great news: public transportation is fare-free after 6pm this weekend!

So what else do you wanna know? How about some quick search ideas for a deeper dive shall you choose to do so? Some tags for this upcoming experience are #familyfun, #specialevents, #festivals, #free, #visualarts, #cincinnati, #BLINK, #BLINKcincinnati. #lightandart, #community, #culture, #overtherhine, #covington, #BLINK2022, #Cincyarts, #artsandcrafts, #lightdisplays, and #interactiveexhibit.

Also, again- props to CityBeat- they put together a complete guide for BLINK 2022 for you. Here you go: Guide to BLINK 2022

Okay, lastly, here's a preview of what you'll find and experience. These are the vibes already being put out by the kickoff parade:

Be sure to check out more at the SUPER interactive website:

Follow @BLINKcincy too. Great photos! Again, this is Shalom bringing you the live, local, and LIT news.


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