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Happy Foods!

I know many of folks have wondered about food making you happy..... well guess what?!?! IT REALLY DOES MAKE YOU HAPPY! ! ! ! Not just in the getting ready food happy but actually eating food.

There are a few attitude-boosting foods that you may consume on a regular basis that you may not even be aware of.

For starters, DARK CHOCOLATE......Yes.... it's a real thing! Never get on your girlfriends for needing some chocolate to feel better because they're actually not lying. Serotonin is high in dark chocolate and this causes us a great deal of calm and relaxation. Along with being easily accessible, it's also very tasty!

Two more big serotonin boosters are banas and fermented foods. Though bananas don't have serotonin directly in it, it does have a high amount of B6 which is used to create serotonin. Fermented foods aren't as off-putting as it may sound. Yogurt is one that we know and love. Others like sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha also fit into the same category. Things we see daily and most of us consume regularly.

AVOCADOS! ! ! Our lovely oily fruit is a stress-relieving, Vitamin B-packed beast! It also decreases depression in women! The choline found in avocados balances your nervous system and moods. Pretty awesome considering 70% of Americans eat them primarily for their "healthy" fat properties and taste!

There's one food that you can actually "CHARGE"! ! It's already loaded with Vitamin D and if you set it in the sun for a few hours before using, you will get maximum Vitamin D power. This magical vegetable is a mushroom! Little known fact: Mushrooms are the ONLY produce that has Vitamin D in it and the only way it can be consumed! !

So, to put it this way......We already know many things to do that help keep us happy and in good spirits....we just have to EAT more of them and keep up the good work.

DJ Snacks

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