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Juneteenth 2021: Highlights and Takeaways

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

We met some pretty inspiring people at the Juneteenth celebration at Hoffner Park! The Aiken High School Drumline opened with the first live performance. The young group entertained us with energetic beats and synchronized moves. The Northside event was hosted by John Maher, a Cincinnati native and city council candidate. He shared his thoughts on what needs to be changed/improved in the Queen City. We also met Donte Johnson, a municipal court judge hopeful for district 2. He expressed his joy for the now national holiday. Brent "SaRa" Grey, another city council candidate educated us on what still needs to be done to move the country forward. Nick Jabin, a community activist showed his support and let us know he's running for city council as well. We've got a nice selection of candidates for the upcoming election. Last but not least, our very own Noc, "The N.O.C.", kept the energy flowing as our emcee and dj, warming up our mics with some creative improv and playing some of our favorite summer jams.

More performances from the Aiken Drumline.

Click here for 5 Ways to Learn About the History of Juneteenth with the New York Times.

Written by Elaine Weatherby

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