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Monogamy? Is it natural or to complex?

Monogamy has been a topic at many tables lately. It seems that a lot of singles and couples are beginning to stray away of the thought of being with one partner. Now cheating has always been a relationship topic but it seems more couples are deciding to turn to open relationships as they feel monogamy is not natural for any human. Now this has caused multiple debates on social media platforms and according to this article on https://www.thesmujournal/ it states the number of marriages that end in divorce is causing people to adapt and change the rules in their relationships. Due to this a lot of couples have begun to “break the boundaries of exclusive relationships” and come to a mutual understanding with their partner. While it makes a lot of sense, monogamy has been practiced for over one thousand years. It seems now days Monogamy is just to complex! Or is it? For more information on this topic check out: New Monogamy — The SMU Journal

Source: New Monogamy — The SMU Journal

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