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Ohio Weed Bill: Will It Puff Puff Pass?

Updated: May 24, 2019

Ohio voters will have the opportunity to have their say This November

Your ballot this fall may include a bill proposing to Amend the constitution to allow the use, possession, and sale of marijuana for adults age 21 or older in Ohio. It will appear on the ballot as Issue 3. Currently, Ohio residents are legally allowed to own a medical marijuana card, hemp and hemp derived CBD. The first medical marijuana dispensaries opened on January 16, 2019.

Although many states across the country have legalized marijuana both for medicinal and recreational purposes, Ohio is still cutting through legal red tape. Eleven Ohio municipalities including Norwood and Dayton have passed marijuana decriminalization measures since 2015. Fines and jail penalties are being removed for less than half a pound of marijuana. Christopher Smitherman, the vice mayor of Ohio, pointed out publicly traded companies are benefiting from the marijuana industry, but citizens are being locked up, which is unfair.

If issue 3 passes, Ohio gov. John Kasich will appoint a 7 member Marijuana Control Commission. The Commision will regulate both industrial and homegrown marijuana production. That’s only if Issue 3 becomes law.

Ohio‘s large population has long made it a major influence in politics. This catalyst could effect decriminalization of marijuana nationwide.

-Do you think that the bill will pass?

-What are your thoughts on the way that the state government plans to regulate the business side?


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