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Ryan Joseph Allen talks addiction, acceptance and faith in ‘My Drug Dealer Brought Me To God'.

It’s a raw testament, a conversational, self-help guide. Ryan Joseph Allen talks the reader through his personal journey, creating an organic experience unlike any other. Life experiences and lessons learned in My Drug Dealer Brought Me To God.

In this self-narrated memoir, Ryan Joseph Allen brings us into his world, starting from where it all began. He articulates how deeply different he felt as a young child, taking us through his life’s journey. He struggled with self-mutilation, body dysmorphia, surviving suicide, and drug addiction - and then one day, a conversation with his friend and drug dealer altered his perspective and became the catalyst for him to break from his past. Allen describes how his relationship developed with an all-loving God and how being a father to his daughter, Harper, inspires him to pursue and accomplish his goals in leadership and organization - connecting people with love and the power of storytelling. His philosophy: “No matter who you are, you have a story to share and you never know who is going to be impacted by it. You never know whose life will change.”

In a book interview, radio talk show host, Elaine Weatherby, talks to Allen about why and how he started writing his story from his first draft to the finished product. She asks him to identify a part of the book that was most challenging to write. He gives clarification on his definition and understanding of God and fills us in on his education goals. Allen is currently working on his dissertation for a doctoral degree from Xavier University, focusing on religious trauma and post-traumatic growth for LGBTQ+ individuals.

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