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Stop Expecting You Out of People

While driving in my car today I was listening to one of Cincinnati local radio stations. A male and female host were having a conversation about polyamorous relationships. Polyamory is not just having an open relationship. It is the desire to engage in intimate or/and sexual, loving relationships with multiple partners with the consent of everyone involved. Needless to say, polyamory and non-monogamy are very similar. The male host made a valid point about polyamorous relationships and quoted "according to its definition the consent of everyone involved while being open, honest, and having trust in one another is important".

Looking at it from a males prospective for some, it may seem perfect. For some women, it may seem like a way to avoid being cheated on. Sure, many of us are probably in polyamorous relationships but are not aware of it........ I am just gonna continue to believe that there is less hurt that comes from the unknown then from what is intentional. in other words what I do not

know will not hurt me. Ain't no way I can be "Ok" with that but, THAT'S JUST ME!!

..Beside who's gonna wanna watch me give this love away?

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