• Tionna Nalani

Systematic Racism

Yesterday, A Caucasian girl at my job asked "why don't black people like me?" I was hurt. I'm black and I show this particular girl a lot of love. Before I could even respond another Caucasian girl standing there took the words right out of my mouth. She said, "It's not them its you. If you created that feeling in your mind before even approaching them then it's going to read all over you when you approach that table. People can feel your energy. They felt you feeling like they don't like you. To them it feels like you have a problem with them being there." This woman also dates a black man and she sees first hand what we as black people endure everywhere we go. From the bad service we receive at restaurants and department stores to being followed and pulled over by police because we're black and driving a nice car.

I work in a restaurant where we get people from all walks of life. I know for a fact that all the black people this young lady has served don't treat her like crap. I've been serving for 3 years and most of the time when guest are crabby you can win them over by exhorting positivity. Very few times you can't and you know what that's okay, life goes on there will be more good people coming your way. What hurt and offended me the most was that she made this conclusion that "Black people don't like me" from a few mean guest instead of thinking of us as a whole.

Here is the problem; we don't understand the power we have in our words. When we speak we speak things into existence or we can kill them. It's not a myth it's not witchcraft it's a fact of life and if you think I'm just talking to talk I'm not. Try it out for the week and see what happens.

There is an even bigger problem in this situation that's existed since the start of our country. We we're built on a cracked, corrupted foundation. If you know anything about building, construction, architecture, etc. you would know that a weak foundation will not sustain. At some point our entire justice system will come tumbling down because the foundation is not solid. All the oppressors, racist, and supremacist, will come crumbling with it. This is not something that will be fixed with money, those of us with sense know that reparations won't fix our problems. Money will not fix this broken foundation. What we need is reformation. Our constitution along with the amendments need to be rewritten. The laws created to imprison black for longer just because they're black needs to be revised. Training of police officers needs to be longer and more intense to bridge that gap within our communities.

African- Americans want the resources and opportunities that we have been deprived of.

We want to ride past the police in any neighborhood at any time of day without being pulled over for thinking we have narcotics in the car. We want to be asked if we need any help when walk into a department store instead of being followed by the employee who's pretending fix things on the shelf.

We want our waiter at the restaurant we spend our money at to think "hey, I'm going to treat my guest like I would want to be treated." We want respect.


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