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The best is yet to come!

A lot of times we find ourselves content in situations that we should have let go a long time ago simply because its better than what we have had in the past. Its hard to imagine yourself having better when you are trying to hold on to something that no longer serves you. Well, I am here to tell you the best is yet to come! Do not be afraid to let go because of the fear of the unknown, or because you think you cannot do or get better. You must believe that when one door closes another three will open. According to this article on when you think that you will not get better you have basically put your faith in the world and not in yourself and if you know what I know the world can be full of disappointment. If you have thoughts like “I can’t get better” it is probably because you cannot imagine yourself having better and faith is truly the belief in the unseen. Change your way of thinking and understand the best is yet to come! For more information on this topic check out: For Anyone Who Is Afraid To Let Go Because They Think They’ll Never Find Someone Better | Thought Catalog

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