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The Final Four And National Championship

With this weekend comes the end of the March Madness Tournament and in the final four, there was no disappointing matchups insight. As Villanova and Kansas had a game and UNC and Duke were facing each other. The game between Villanova and Kansas ended up being an utter massacre as the Jayhawks stomped the Wildcats 81-65. It seemed like they didn't want to be there all game. Playing lackluster defense, giving up costly turnovers, and failing to score in transition and in the clutch were key factors in them losing so bad. Luckily in the UNC vs Duke matchup, it lived up to everyone’s expectations and more. Throughout the entire game, it was a constant back and forth. There was good defense, great playcalling, and good ball movement and you could just feel the tension in the air as the game got closer to its conclusion. This game was the last game of coach k’s career and even though he fell to a rival you have to acknowledge the absolute great run that he had with this program. There is no doubt he is solidified as one

of the most accomplished coaches not only in collegiate history but sports history.

Now in the National Championship there was a great game to be seen for sure as Kansas went up against UNC. in the first half it was looking like UNC was going to walk away with the victory but just like a storm Kansas came raging back in the second half making the biggest comeback in the National Championship.

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