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The Hassle Among The Madness

Anyone who ever filled out a tournament bracket is aware of just how crazy things can get with the passing of each game. if you are curious, according to the NCAA, people stand about a 1 in a 120 billion chance to fill out a perfect bracket for March Madness. so don't feel so bad when your bracket isn't perfect on the first day, it's much more common than you think.

Throughout this tournament, we have seen countless upsets like Michigan beating the likes of Colorado St. and Tennessee. and you cant leave out the biggest bracket breakers this year. St. Peter's when they eliminated Kentucky, Murray St. and Purdue.

Between you and me this is what college sports are supposed to be. the exciting unpredictability about it and how even the best teams can fall. And on any given night a story can be made and be remembered throughout history. But don't worry we will still have a little bit more madness left to go as we get into the final four on Saturday, as the top two seeds Kansas and Villanova will face off and Duke and North Carolina Get underway.

- The Prophet Elijah

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