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A$AP Rocky Released from Sweden Jail

Pending the verdict, A$AP Rocky was released to go home, after spending about a month in jail. President Trump, who has been pretty vocal about his support recently tweeted "It's been a Rocky week, get home A$AP A$AP!"

The Swedish Public Prosecutor Daniel Suneson made a public statement about the position of the prosecution. Basically, it's that they feel A$AP committed a crime regardless of self-defense or the fact that his group was provoked.

A$AP has pled not guilty to the assault charges, and is scheduled to be back in court August 14. A$AP posted the interaction to his Instagram. Check out the caption.

But back to The President elect Trump's tweet...

I speak on behalf of Black folks across America when I say "Whet?!?"

Trump has spent a considerable amount of time reaching out to Swedish officials and publicizing the case in order to assist in the release of A$AP. However, the shallow shot to be accepted in the community is one I think Trump should be reconsidering himself.

Getty Images

Twitter finger Trump strikes again.

A$AP did not forget to thank his real fans, on his Instagram page.

Welcome home A$AP.

Getty Images Dimitrios Kambouris

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