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First Week of Spring

Cincinnati, we are in our first week of Spring! The weather is warm and many people are excited to get out and enjoy traveling! Cincy Underground has been looking into safe places to travel and keeping our viewers up to date on safe traveling. Many places are still closed to Americans however, Cincy Underground has found several countries that are safe to travel now in 2021. Not all but, some countries require negative covid results and mandatory quarantine.

U.S. Travel:

Before traveling within the United States it is important to check that states’s travel restrictions, testing requirements and stay at home orders. California has had many changes with restrictions and stay at home orders throughout the entire pandemic.

International Travel:

Aruba, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Cambodia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dubai, Ecuador, Ghana, Honduras, Ireland, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Rwanda, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, South Africa, United Arabs Emirates, United Kingdom and many more. Check out the full list on the CNN website.

Cincy Underground is ecstatic about traveling and we know many others are. We hope that this information on traveling helps you to plan your next trip and we wish safe, warm travels to everyone. Make sure to like, comment and subscribe.

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