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Jay Z & NFL Deal.. whatchu think?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

News in the Hip Hop and Sports worlds spread like wildfire when rapper Jay Z and Roger Goodell publicly disclosed information about a new deal focusing on a NFL and Roc Nation partnership this week.

The deal, which has reportedly been in the works for months, gives Jay Z a major role in developing one of the most watched concerts in the country. The rap mogul will use his entertainment company Roc Nation platform to advise on the selection of artists for major NFL performances such as the Super Bowl. In addition to this, the recently launched program by the NFL "Inspire Change" initiative will be a collaborative effort in progressing education and economic advancement; police and community relations as well as criminal justice reform.

In announcing the new partnership both NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Jay Z declare that the deal is an important step forward in solidifying the NFL's strong commitment to inspire change across America.

No one understands the fight for social injustice and its involvement with the NFL more than Colin Kapernick. Colin became the catalyst for the fight in social activism, by kneeling during the National Anthem. Since then, he was fired by the NFL but gained the respect of America for his sacrifice in the fight against racism and social injustice. Colin, to this day has not been hired back into the NFL to play football.

The announcement was said to be good news because it will join the entertainment industry with social justice to inspire a better America. But, it is not good news to everyone. Some people feel that Jay Z sold out Colin Kapernick and most importantly, the black community.

whatchu think?

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