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Tekashi 6ix9ine Bout to Drop .. a Dime?!?

Snitch testimony papers made public after the rapper has decided to offer Full Cooperation

Federal agents have revealed that Tekashi 6ix9ine aka Daniel Hernandez will testify against Nine Trey Gangters.

So, Let's get the story straight:

Tekashi is or I guess was at this point a member of Trey Way (aka Nine Trey Bloods) Gang. They provided protection and loyalty. In return for that 6is9nine was expected to provide the bag. That is, until he was kidnapped by one of the gang members last July.

Tekashi, 22 has already pled guilty to 9 Fed charges back in February. That's not all he's copped to. He admitted to a child porn case explaining that the video that leaked was meant to boost is "scum bag" persona and he admitted to committing domestic violence over the course of over 7 years. Next week, Daniel aka Tekashi is set to testify against 2 members of the Notorious New York gang. Anthony "Harv" Ellison 31 on the kidnapping allegations plus racketeering and gun charges. As well as Aljermiah "Nuke" Mack 33, in Manhattan Federal Court. Federal authorities want Nuke on narcotics, trafficking and racketeering. Over a dozen Nine Trey member have been indicted since November. Tekashi's manager Shotti just got sentenced to 15 years.

Ellison's lawyer is saying that Tekashi was never kidnapped and that the entire this was staged. In court next week 6ix9nine will tell it all including his involvement in the gang.

So, is Tekashi 69 a Brooklyn born rapper that's pleading guilty and flipping on his gang affiliates because they flipped on him first?

or is he a scared little boy who got in with the wrong crowd? Both?

Getting out may not happen anytime soon for 6ix9ine but my guess is he's hoping that cooperation and and witness protection are his way out of a bad situation. SMH.

In 50Cent newest interview with Power 105.1 Breakfast Club he was asked if he have spoken to 69 and if he would answer the phone he simply answers "No."

Fif went on to say "Don't call me!"

Jefferson Siegel Getty Images

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