• Tionna Nalani

"Why" Is the Most Important Question to Ask

When I was a kid I learned this. Don't ask why, just do it or because I said so. That was a hard pill for me to swallow. I was a very curious child who wanted to know everything and challenged my parents at anything. "But, why?" was my favorite question. That is until I started to see that my parents didn't have a why for themselves or even their lives.

As I've grown I've learned that most people don't have a why; no direction, many are just aimlessly existing. That's a dangerous state of mind to be in. A dark place that only gets darker. It causes us to make decisions that come from a place of heart and desperation. My hope is to inspire anyone who doesn't have a why, to search for one, learn it, and manifest their why into a purpose meant only for their lives.


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