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10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2019

Spooky season is here! And here is a top 10 list of costumes ideas! ( far)

1) Classic horror characters ... Pennywise 🤡 is dominating right now with all ages!

2) Anime Heros ...Goku & Naruto are amongst the most popular

3) Video Games 🎮 Fortnite & Mortal Kombat

4) Netflix shows like Stranger Things

5) Spider man 🕷

6) Pirate

7) Joker & the popularity around "The Joker" is still live with the thriller playing in theaters 🎟

8) Black Panther going strong "Wakanda Forevaaaa!!!"

9) Kim Kardashian lookalikes posting up 🍑

10)Jessica Rabbits serving Roger Rabbit Realness 💋🐰

Newlyweds Mr and Mrs Petty aka NickI Minaj

Did your idea make the list? What costume are you wearing for Halloween??? Comment below

Let me know!

Please share with your family and friends!

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