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Today's my birthday..and it's my birthday too!

Scierra Blair and her fiance Jose Ervin are just a beautiful couple that so happens to share the same birthday. Not the same year, Scierra is older by one year. This Cleveland couple was over the moon to deliver a lovely set of twins......ON THEIR BIRTHDAY!!! 

Talk about a stroke of luck! The two met in 2022 a few days after their birthday. Thinking it was a joke, they shared a laugh and peeked IDs to see they were actually birthday twins. 

Once the pregnancy due date was announced by the doctors of August 28, Ervin was over the moon but continuously praying for the children to be born on their birthday. He just thought it would be the coolest thing for all of them to have the same birthday. Scierra, not so much. She was just fine sharing the date with her soon-to-be husband. 

Scierra's routine appointment on the 17th, doctors took her in for some things that could be a complication, by 12:35 a.m. and 12:36 a.m., you have a beautiful baby boy and girl.

Though they weren't aiming for twins, multiple births are no stranger to Scierra as she has fraternal twin brothers as well as Jose having twins in the family. 

The family is definitely plotting on the many unique and fun ways that they can celebrate ALL of their birthdays, especially this year's 1st. I know I surely couldn't imagine.

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