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Never underestimate that power of.....CHEESE! ! !

Norway has swept the WORLD with its.....CHEESE! ! ! tHAT'S RIGHT,,,,,,cheese! ! ! A phenomenal cheese maker from Trondheim, Norway was labeled the MVP of CHEESE!

Now with this, over 452 cheeses were submitted in 2023 from over 40 different countries. This so far is reported the MOST chesses entered to date! However, I do believe it will be outdone in this year's running for World Cheese Award!

Norway's awards winning cheese was a creamy yet fudgey textured blue cheese. Going over 153 judges of the finest cheese judges, it's a badge of honor to be chosen out of the bunch

Now question, if you're a judge for this event, would you be able to say," I'm a part of The Master Charcuterie Board?!"

DJ Snacks

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