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Ready to Jump?!?

As we all know, this year is a leap year.....and what exactly does that mean?!?!?! That means there's an extra day at the end of the shortest month of the year, February! But what does it really mean? We have this additional day added to the calendar for man-made and solar-calendar needs. There was even a Queen Margaret of Scotland, who had the same train of thought so much so, that she enacted a law giving men fines if they refused proposals!!! So aggressive....don't believe me? Google it! it so goes deeper than a bunch of people getting together and playing with the calendar to make it look nice. 

Though with this extra day, there come extra things. People do stuff and have funny ways around this time of the year. For instance, how many of you remember Sadie Hawkins Day? The day the men are gathered and chased for their hand in marriage! So, if you were a slow man and the woman you didn't care for was a fast woman, you may be in a bit of trouble on that day. 

That's just one of the funny tales told about this day but how about I leave you with a few facts: 

How exact number it is, there are 4 million leap day babies! There's one in 1,461 chances of being born on February 29th. It is known for people born on that day to be called leaplings or leapers. 

Twin cities Anthony, Texas, and Anthony, New Mexico are "self-proclaimed" Leap Year Capital of the World! It's easy to understand how they feel this way when they have not 1 day, not 2 days but a 4 day leap year festival with a HUGE birthday party for the the leap year babies if you have proof! 

Leap year babies are so close, they even have their own club. There are over 11k people in the Honor Society of Leap Year Day babies! Imagine being in a club where EVERYONE is your birthday twin?!?! That would be wild! 

So, fellas, be glad you no longer have to run away from women or get fined.....and ladies.....did you really want to go running like that anyway?!?!

DJ Snacks

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