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A Man with A Plan

Did you know that before Jay's partnership he was offered the opportunity to perform Run This Town at the Halftime Show? But he declined simply due to the fact of his performance being based on him bringing Rihanna and Kanye West to perform alongside him. Now, mind you before that song was even made he already was the owner of a record label Roc Nation, and a basketball team to represent where he came from. So simply due to him standing for what was morally right to him, he was able to have influence over important music events to come. Watching The Story of Jay Z on YouTube ( opened my eyes to him as an individual just wanting a better life for his family and culture. If only more men in the industry were willing to paint a bigger picture we wouldn't have to look for a seat at the table. But create our own table with the backyard barbeque for dinner and peach cobbler for dessert.

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