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Artist Showcase Q & A -Live at Cove 51

Demetrius and Keith gives out advice to the artist..

Colemane Lane- an artist from Covingtong wants to know the next steps outside of Marketing??

Demetrius lets him know that patience is the key. Keeping up your thrive and perserverance. Being relevant as possible because your brand means everything!!

Shaylo- Cincy Underground Joc speaks on the artist behalf "What attributes do you look for on whether not you'll even entertain an artist" ?

Demetrius says it's all about the views and how well you entertain the people. Forget about the performance.. can you bring in the money?? The money matters!

Paige- singer songwritter ask what qaulities are you looking for besides being already eqiupped as an artist?

Some of the top qaulitues Demetrius states are..


-Being eager, being a go getter

-Staying relevant, keep writting

Paige Q-2- How to pop off as a female artist?

Demetrius, "Does your music speaks to them" ?

Be sure to make them all "feamles and males" feel like you are their bestfriends. Never undermind your audience!

Papa Gora- Speaks on Russ's hustle.. Which way is the best way to go about putting your music out there. Albums, Singles or EP's.. and how often?

Demetrius pointed out how Russ put out a single a day and a album a month.. and contined with how us as artist should Dig Deep! Ask yourself "How am I going to build that 13 year old up to believe in me and my music" ??

Vantasia- Singer songwriter ask for advice on artist who works 9-5 jobs and how to juggle with real life and persuing a dream?

Demetrius let's us know that we have time!! We all have 24 hours in a day. "How bad do you really want this"?

Written By: Miss Mac #CUG

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