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Bad Boys Club Season 2

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Good morning, Afternoon, or Night to anybody tuning in! How are you feeling today? I'm having a great day because Zeus just released Bad Boys Texas season 2! This season they tour Texas while hosting a performance in three major cities Houston, Dallas, and Austin. The trailer looks very messy and I'm here for it. Just a little back story on the show the original show was Bad Girls Club which was once produced by Oxygen. Zeus reinvented the whole idea and not only have they brought back Bad Girls but they've leveled out the playground by allowing some of your favorite male stars and social media influencers to show another side of them.

You've got Instafamous "Relly B" the infamous car salesman "Where the money resides".

They have "Orlando Brown" a former Disney Star one of the

popular shows he was on was That's So Raven.

As well as 9 other social media influencers. The tour will be executive produced by Natalie Nunn which is a former Oxygen bad girl in other words an original.

Honestly Natalie’s social media growth in comparison with herself from marriage bootcamp, Chile she has come a long way! On another note I’m almost positive that last season of Bad Girls wore her out, But I don’t know guys what do y’all think? Are you here for it? Have you ever heard of Bad Girls or Boys? Check out the poll down below and leave some feed back.

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Have you ever heard of BadBoys or BadGirls?

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