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I Am Artist Showcase Jan 30th @ Timeless Studios.

If you're an artist in Cincinnati or around the Tri-State you've heard of the I Am Artist Showcase. Created by Ore and Cyara the showcase is created to give local artist that are serious and passionate about their craft a large platform to network and reach thousands of people. These showcases are basically large sale concerts held at some of the most prestigious venues in the city. With each showcase getting bigger and bigger Ore and Cyara had to find a way to give each artist who wanted to be apart of the showcase a fair shot to be on the stage which brings us to Jan 30th at Timeless Studios. Each artist will be giving a chance to audition in front of 3 judges who will judge the artist on Sound, Stage presence, and First Impressions. So if you're an artist and ready to elevate and take your music to the next level contact Cyara at 513-532-5149 and be ready to show out!!!

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