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IbbI Too Vicious & Allen Turner talks with Shaylo!!

Engineer Allen Turner, the "black sheep" of his family, may come from a small town in Kentucky, but when it comes to music he most certainly stands out! Turner isn't only fire when it comes to making beats, but is a bomb artist as well. Playing both roles isn't easy. From an engineer's point of view here's some advice to inspiring artists. "Confidence is Key"

I can imagine that's exactly what Turner saw in his friend, IbbI Too Vicious. It took some time for IbbI to figure out what kind of artist he aspire to be, but after trial and error he figured it all out. IbbIs mother has insane vocals so there was a matter of time before he became interested in music. Reading and writing became a huge part of IbbIs endeavors.

He realized Punk rock/Indy rock & Dream pop/Indy rock is the style of music he wants to represent!

The three partnering up was a total success. Yes, I said three! Turner, IbbI, and another friend 380 Melo all featured on a banger.

'Amethyst Skies' is the name of their single.

'Amethyst Skies' is the name of their single.

The creative process: Turner had free time to book a session. So you can imagine, chilling turns into music (A Hit)

The three found the right beat. Turner and Melo take on the versus (freestyle) while IbbI kills the hook!

Amethyst Skies took 2-3 hours to create.. This was a challenge, but they made it work because the dynamic was real!!

Support our local artists and follow Turner and IbbI on IG.

Written By: Miss Mac

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