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It is ok to agree to disagree!

Now days we live in such judgmental and opinionated times. This is mainly due to social media where you can literally like, love and comment on everyone’s life experiences. At the same time, it also seems that people have become more sensitive to certain opinions about topics, lifestyles, and beliefs causing a lot more conflict in the world in general, and for the most part those are things you as an individual can not control. What you can control is conflict that you have present in your current relationships. No matter what type of relationship you have with someone it is inevitable that there will be some sort of conflict at some point. And that ok! Its apart of life and according to this article on it healthy! But learning to agree to disagree can save you so much time, grief, and relationships. To agree to disagree is literally the resolution of a conflict that requires all parties to tolerate the opposing positions, even if they don’t accept it as the best choice. Its simple! Differences of opinions are normal in relationships but agreeing to disagree will keep you open minded and at peace no matter the disagreement!

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