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Milk Bar....yumm!

Living like our celebrity friends has never been easier!

Have you ever had a Milk Bar cake?!?

Now,with my birthday just passing, I still may have to order one so I can indulge in what many celebrities are calling the cake of cakes! The Milk Bar Birthday cake to be exact.

Christina Tosi has had Milk Bar on the scene since 2008. Conquering the busy and competative streets of New York with David Chang's Momofuku she's grown to have 10 successful locations,on her own name, across the US.

In, 2023, Taylor Swift had ordered the cake and ranted about it being the best cake she ever had. It was further confirmed by Jay-Z on it's amazing taste..

Since these statements, The pop star's choice of birthday cake from famed New York-based bakery chain Milk Bar has driven Google searches up by 3,950% in the past week, according to Mashed, a multi-platform publication that covers cooking and food.

Search trends for "what is a milk bar cake" soared by 700% and "milk bar cake" by 130%, Mashed reports.

If you want you product to soar, make something that is super tasty and "so happen" to have a celebrity shout your goodness. The extra confirmation is everything!

Now, don't worry....if you want to try this out for yourself, YOU CAN!

Just go to and try you one of the beautiful cakes. There's everything from cake truffles, cookies, pies, 6" and 8" cakes that can be delivered right to your front door!

Do email me at and tell me how yummy it is!!

DJ Snacks

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