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Online dating DO’S and DONT’S!!!

DO- Be yourself! Please don’t lie on your dating profile And if your looking for marriage be as descriptive as possible. No Catfishing please!!!

DON’T- Type Cast! Type casting is a new term being used in the online dating realm. Basically, it means you only date someone or people with 1 specific characteristic you like. This is a NO NO … Expand your mind and be open to a variety of peoples personality and qualities!

DO- Discuss the person you are dating online to with your friends and family. This is the best way to protect yourself and your emotions as they will provide you with outside perspectives you may not be able to see!

DON’T- Overdue it! Don’t send your online partner multiple messages per day or overly romantic messages either. This can be an over kill. Take your time and respect your partners time as this can push them away! If you see a conversation withdraw you should withdraw as well! To read more Online dating Do’s and Don'ts Check out the full story at

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