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Recap Of Clash of the Castle

The first match that catch my eye was most definitely the match between Sheamus and Gunther for the intercontinental championship. it was a brutal and rough match from beginning to end as we saw a devastating back and forth with Gunther's chops or shamus's brode kicks. it was a great match and in my opinion the second best outside of the main event.

Next up was Judgment day vs Edge and Rey Mysterio Edge and Mysterio have both had issues with The Judgement Day, with Edge being a founder of the group and bringing Balor, Priest, and Rhea Ripley in before the trio violently ejected their leader and Mysterio is one of the group's targets. Rey chose to team with Edge over his son, Dominik Mysterio, which has led to a bit of father-son tension. And, with Judgement Day having courted Dominik to join their cause in the past, that friction has led to a bit of speculation over whether Dominik may turn on his own father.

Also, the match between Matt Riddle and Seth Freakin Rollins was epic. This match was supposed to take place at SummerSlam but was pulled at the last minute with Rollins taking out Riddle with a series of stomps. Riddle again suffered the brunt of Rollins' stomps at SummerSlam when he showed up and challenged Rollins to fight him. On Raw, Riddle announced he was now medically cleared and the two brawled again. After that, the challenge was laid down to finally face off at the upcoming pay-per-view.

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