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T.I and his virginity test

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This just in: T.I (39) mentioned that he attends yearly gynecology appointments with his teenaged daughter Deyjah (16) to verify that her hymen is still in tact on a podcast called Ladies Like Us. The show hosts Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham replied that there are a million different ways that a young lady can break a hymen that are not sexually related.

T.I insisted that it wouldn’t be his daughters story and that he still wanted the medical report back from each yearly exam ... expeditiously. Fans replied outraged and the Ladies Like Us hosts submitted a public apology for their reaction to the Hip Hop stars comments.

We have yet to hear Deyjah‘s side of the story, however an unverified twitter account that seems to belong to her has been liking tweets which calls her dad‘s behavior “possessive.“


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