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The Inspiring Micheala Coel: 'I May Destroy You'

Michaela Coel, a Black, British actress, screenwriter, director, producer and singer won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for her show on HBO called 'I May Destroy You'. If you haven’t seen it and want an idea of what it's like, think of the show 'Euphoria' starring the actress, Zendaya or the series 'Shameless' starring actress Emmy Rossum. The HBO series, 'I May Destroy You', has a raw and real-life, unapologetic quality while also telling stories from the point of view of a black woman in the UK. Even though the main character is British, she’s relatable to all women. She goes through experiences that most women do - issues like sexual abuse/assault, love and like, abandonment, friendships, experimentation and resentment. Her character on film is spontaneous and struggles to keep it together as a young adult, experiencing the real world. There isn’t a part in the series that is predictable. You haven’t seen this show before.

According to The Atlantic, in Michaela's acceptance speech, "Coel gave one of the night’s shortest speeches, and perhaps its most revealing. In her remarks, Coel did something unusual: She thought about her audience, tried to reach beyond the other entertainers seated in the room with her." See her full speech here. Nowadays, women are being more empowered, encouraged, and, most importantly listened to when they share their stories and perspective. When you’ve gone through something traumatic, it helps to know that someone else has had a similar experience and that there is hope for healing.

We want to hear from you. Have you seen 'I May Destroy You'? What did you think? What shows have you been into lately?

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