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The Lakers Downfall

The Lakers have officially lost their chance to play in offseason basketball as they played a disappointing season of basketball that was met with a collage of problems heading from the front office decisions to the players on the court performers. Now with a historic franchise such as the Los Angelos Lakers with players such as Lebron James, Anthony Davis and soon to be traded for Russel Westbrook, it's safe to say the fans had very high expectations of reaching the NBA Finals and even winning the title. And looking back on that we can all say that was not reality.

Now the next question is usually what happened which in it self is a loaded question with a lot of answers depending on who you ask. For on the court you could point out the injures to Anthony Davis missing significant time and Lebron being out for a little bit as well. And that can lead into chemistry issues when your stars are in and out as frequently as this roster was it can difficult finding a rhythm during a season. Defense was a big thing from the top to the bottom as the whole team did not take it as a priority as one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA.

- The Prophet Elijah

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