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" The Sports Bra" The Women's led Sports Bar

There is a new sports bar with a twist that has come to portland. And that twist that it only shows women sports. Yeah, it actually surprised me when I heard about this story in passing while I was casually listening to the news and thinking wow that is a very interesting idea that has an untapped market that can really change things. The reason why I say that is because it could change the popular opinion that people don't normally watch women's sports and the introduction of a sports bar run by women that only shows women's sports can not only break that facade but introduce more women to professional women's sports and they to can become fans of certain teams and athletes just like their male counterparts.

The other interesting part that I found in my research deep diving in this place was the name of the place; which is The Sports Bra. which made it a very awkward experience trying to look up the story, to say the least. The Sports Bra, which opened its doors in Oregon on 1 April, seeks to address a glaring gender imbalance in sports coverage. Although 40% of professional athletes are female, women’s sports make up only 4% of all sports media coverage, according to a Unesco study on gender equality.

- The Prophet Elijah

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