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Time Out For Turkey

According to CNN news in regard to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that took place on February 6, there is a growing death toll of 16,000 people. The country may be accustomed to some small quakes throughout the years. But there has been nothing this impactful since 1939, which had a total of 30,000 deaths. "In the wake of a separate massive quake in 1999 which killed more than 17,000 people. The tax called the "special communications tax" by authorities, was one of the six taxes introduced after that catastrophe. It was initially introduced as a temporary measure but subsequently became a permanent levy. Charged for the past 24 years, local tax expert Ozan Bingol estimates that the state has collected around 88 billion Turkish lira as a result." Given this information, I would assume they would be capable of restoration in the future. But in the present moment, they really need prayer. This is a country that has restrictions on internet and social media usage so how could we even begin to lend a helping hand? I know the citizens are torn between feeling like they are cared for and seeing no hope. But I'm bringing this to our attention now so that we can celebrate the brighter days to come. For the full news article follow the link

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