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What can a thug really do for his community?

Houston, Texas rapper Slim Thug is a man of his word

and really does own the block.

Slim Thug’s Boss Life Construction Company has made headlines for their efforts in aiding Houston with Quality, Affordable Housing since 2015.

According to the website of the company’s mission is about Cultivating a true sense of community for both families and single, young professionals alike.

In 2018 Slim Thug

Boss Life Construction

Justin the lawyer Radio one and others teamed up to give one of the houses to a family that lost everything during Hurricane Harvey.

Now in 2023 the Rapper is holding his role as a

Houston Native in high regard and plays no games

when it comes to taking care of his own people.

Slim thug is better known for hit songs like

Still Tippin, Luxurious, and put a ring on it with Beyonce But now in my opinion he should be known for being the real life, self proclaimed and proven BOSS that he is for buying his old neighborhood.

Slim Thug built a new community and has coined the new phrase,

“If you love your hood, buy your hood.” - Slim Thug

If you ask me more rappers should take notes from a notable hip-hop icon,

like how to invest and give back at the same time to the community. Let's give Slim Thug a round of applause and his flowers.

Thats all I have for now this is the Check-in and I'm Just-in Justo,

Hit me up on IG @Justinwithjusto and follow

on IG @Cincyug

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